• Nif.40

    I am using Ofelia as videoPlayer.
    I need to play my video file whitch is atm uncompresed 2GB, 30 min long art show with 5 channel sound and i am tracking current frame with "getCurrentFrame();.
    Video starts playing but when i try to "setPosition(); or any other move to control video flow all PureData Frezzes.
    Works fine on examples (short) videos.
    Is there any way how to workaround this? I am not sure i can render video again. It is 3 years old and to this moment i was using VVVV to play it. But it stope working for Alohomora reason.
    Also VVVV suck. :)


    thank you very much for any help.

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  • Nif.40

    Hellou ... sorry if my question is stupid, but i am realy struggling.

    I am making PD patch in which there are buttons. If it get Bang it sends Mesage(comand) to windows CMD. I am trying to do it by [system] from ggee library.
    but each comand is send, comand Prompt just open and close realy fast, without anything happening.
    what am i missing?

    I am trying to run "ffmpeg" stream to home network for "Piwall". The master is on windows. But even simple comand "echo" dosnt work.

    thank you for ani hints ...

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