• nhouse

    worked well by adding the line
    "sudo pd -nogui -open path/to/the/patch.pd" & in /etc/rc.local

    no issues for the moment. i didn't have to add delays in the loadbangs objects
    lucky i was that i could access the RPi via SSH because i initially forgot the & and entered into an infinite loop.
    thanks again so much

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  • nhouse

    Hello David. Always very helpful and with a lot of knowledge to share ! Thanks for your help!

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  • nhouse

    Im on a Raspberry Pi and I'm currently running a patch at startup via
    This works but now i want to make the RPi boot quicker, therefore i want to boot in CLI mode so that the desktop doesn't need to be loaded, therefore all will be quicker.
    The point is the if I understood well, the autostart file is LXDE dependendent.
    And this is also the reason why the patch doesn't start if I boot in CLI.

    For this reason i tried to add a line in /etc/rc.local
    "pd mypatch.pd"

    but this won't actually boot the patch.
    Do you know alternative to boot the patch at startup in CLI mode? Or am I forgetting to add something in rc.local?

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  • nhouse

    Wow that first procedure you showed worked straight away! thanks a lot!

    I actually never updated. With the sentence "I always used PD with no problem on iOS 10.12.6." i didn't mean that i recently updated the OSX.
    I wonder how i could have created the issue but I won't find an easy answer i guess!
    thanks a lot for the help, really!

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  • nhouse

    Hello everybody. hope to find some help here!
    I always used PD with no problem on iOS 10.12.6. I haven't used it a lot recently and now I'm trying to launch it again but PD won't start.
    I don't even get the bouncing icon in the dock.
    I tried to unistall and re-install Pd-0.53-0 (also tried some other previous versions) with no luck.

    I also tried Purr Data but as soon as it opens, it freeze at the main initial window and I must force quit.

    Has this something to do with the iOS I have installed? or what could be the reason?

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  • nhouse

    the autoscript file is accessible here

    sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

    at the end i discovered that GPIO 20 and 21 of the RPi were fried. i replaced the Pi and now i don't get the double Puredata instance anymore. this will keep been a mistery :)

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  • nhouse

    @Coalman if for example, I have set Netreceive 3000 at startup, I receive the error of ''address already in use''. In this case i change it with 5000, close the patch and open again and i don't receive the same error anymore. BUt at the next startup the error comes back. This (plus the 2 puredata processes that i see after i type the ''top'' command) leads me to believe that the patch gets opened twice.
    The operating system is new but indeed i will try to unistall and install puredata again. That could be true.
    @whale-av the line that i wrote in autoscript is just:
    pd path/to/file.pd

    i also tried to open it from within a script with the following

    import time
    import os
    p = os.popen('pd /home/pi/Desktop/Main_Patch_Pd/main_patch.pd')

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  • nhouse

    Hello everybody!

    I really can't find a solution for this problem.
    I hope someone is able to help me?
    so, i'm running Puredata on a Raspberry Pi and I

    I inserted a line in the autostart file in order to open a Puredata patch at startup and the patch get successfully loaded.

    The Puredata patch uses NETRECEIVE since receives instructions from Python.

    Everytime the patch opens, I receive the error: "bind: address already in use (98)"
    of course i tried to change address but at start up i receive the same message

    if a type ''top'' command on the terminal, shows me 2 processes of Puredata running and i believe that this is the cause of the problem. (one process starts on the back and takes the occupy the port

    I'm aware that the topic is not strictly Puredata but many of you have shown deep skills in such different environments, therefore you might be able to help!
    thanks in advance

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  • nhouse

    @60hz it works! so that was really the issue! will try to understand the reason now (and eventually how to fix it)
    thanks to both of you! @whale-av

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  • nhouse

    @whale-av i thought about a similar issue, but i really don't know how to check or fix!
    i have tried:

    • old mac/same puredata/same python 3.8
    • old raspberry(linux)/python 3.7
    • freshly new installed Raspberry/python 3.9
    • new mac/new puredata/new python3.9
    • new mac/new puredata/new python2.7

    i'm thinking that maybe i'm doing something wrong because i tried to run the Pd patch and the python script on a different computer (again mac) but it doesn't work.

    @60hz can you tell me what you have done to change to an absolute path?
    do you get the bang message in the Puredata window as intended?

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