• Naqued

    @whale-av Thank you for your respons.

    I tried to install pd-extended by the repo, but there are in 404 status :/
    So i download pd-extended.deb to install on my 64 bits host but i miss these depedancies:

    pd-extended:i386 dépend de libfftw3-3.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libflite1.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libftgl2 (>= 2.1.3~rc5).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libgl1-mesa-glx | libgl1.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libglu1-mesa | libglu1.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libgsl0ldbl (>= 1.9).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libice6 (>= 1:1.0.0).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de liblua5.1-0.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libmp3lame0.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libpng12-0 (>= 1.2.13-4).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libquicktime2 (>= 2:1.2.2).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libsdl1.2debian (>= 1.2.11).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libsm6.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libspeex1 (>= 1.2~beta3-1).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libvorbisfile3 (>= 1.1.2).
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libx11-6.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libxext6.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libxv1.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de libxxf86vm1.
     pd-extended:i386 dépend de ttf-de

    i can also find pd-extended:i386 in the repo list.
    But still these deps are missing. Should i installed them one by one ?

    Edit :
    After trying to install each dept its not working.. some deps can't be satisfied..

    how can i installed pd-extended:i386 on 64 bits host :/

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  • Naqued

    Hi everyone,

    I am comming to you today because i want to make a project live !.
    This project work with pureData and some external pd object :
    fluid~ , freeverb~..

    My objectiv is to install a 32 bits version of pureData to make external pd work.

    I tried these solutions :
    Multi arch ubuntu 64 bits host

    • On a 64 bits ubuntu
      - add i386 arch
      - update , dist-upgrade..

    Then when installing : $> apt-get install puredata:i386
    This package is no more available :
    These packet a replacing it :

    puredata-utils puredata-utils:i386 puredata-extra:i386 puredata-core:i386
    puredata-core puredata-dev puredata-doc puredata-extra puredata-gui

    So i installed

    $> apt-get install puredata-utils:i386 puredata-extra:i386 puredata-core:i386 puredata-gui

    pureData is now installed. But when i run it i have this message :

    ALSA lib conf.c:3357:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so
    ALSA lib control.c:954:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL hw:0
    ALSA card scan error

    Still i can use the debugger and hear sound..

    When running my stido project using some object like :
    udpReceive or udpSend...

    i got this on the initialisation (you can see also all the pd objects used) :

    import mrpeach/routeOSC
    ... couldn't create
     import mrpeach/udpreceive
    ... couldn't create
     import mrpeach/udpsend
    ... couldn't create
     import mrpeach/packOSC
    ... couldn't create
     import mrpeach/unpackOSC
    ... couldn't create
     import flatspace/prepend
    ... couldn't create
     import flatspace/prepend
    ... couldn't create
     import moocow/sprinkler
    ... couldn't create
     import cyclone/speedlim
    ... couldn't create
    ./libs/fluid~.pd_linux: libreadline.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    ... couldn't create
    ... couldn't create
    beware! this is xeq 0.1, 3rd beta build... it may bite!

    So its not working ^^

    Solution 2 - Docker

    I was thinking : maybe i can just make a puredata container with all the 32 bits libs, So i tried to find some puredata 32 bits image. But nothing.. And Docker is a little tricky with 32 bits container as he didn't provide any support yet.

    Still its possible to run 32 bits linux on it .. i found some 32 bits images on the net, but no way how to create one..

    If someone has a solution please..

    I am working as a volunteer on this project because i believe on it. I have no time yet to update the pd engine for 64 bits..
    This project is helping disabled people and your respons will help me so much to provide them a long term support for this software

    If you wanna take a look at the project http://orguesensoriel.com

    Thank you a lot,


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  • Naqued

    Hello everyone.

    I am facing an issue and banging my head since some weeks about it.. So i came to you.

    I have a Software using Python2.7 and PureData. This software was develop several years ago, but it work really fine..
    It's based on a 32 bits Linux System.

    Today i want to Make this software work on 64 Bits Linux..
    I already spoke with a developer who told me :

    (at this time i figured out that xeq parsor didn't worked with Pd-L2ork)..

    "You will need to figure out to what library does xeq external belong to and then check that it gets out a loaded at startup. That may be a really simple fix assuming it is bundled with Pd-L2Ork. By default, we did not enable all of the old externals because many of them are buggy and unmaintained"

    Is there any update on Pd-l2ork who let me do this ? I am really new in Puredata and kinda Lost in all this environment.
    Is there a documentation to see all the interface between PD-l2Ork and PD old packages ?

    Kind regards :),


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