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    thank you for sharing!

    You inspired me a lot so I decided to make my own version of it using SuperCollider and Pianoteq! version.

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    Hi Matthieu,

    I see your post is a little bit old but I'm experiencing the exact same problem now with my setup.
    I'm using a Windows 7 machine with a MOTU 828x sound card connected via USB to the PC and Pd 0.48.1 vanilla.

    Here what I've done:

    1. I've checked the "Use Stereo Pairs for Windows Audio" inside the "MOTU Audio Console";


    1. opened PD and selected "standard MMIO" as driver from the "Media" menù;
    2. now here's the list of outputs as it appears from the drop-down menu of "Media/Audio Setting.../Output device":
    • MOTU Analog 3-4
    • Loudspeakers (devide High ...
    • MOTU Main-Out 1-2
    • MOTU ADAT optical A 3-4
    • Digital Output MOTU Audio
    • MOTU ADAT optical A 1-2
    • MOTU Analog 1-2
    • MOTU ADAT optical A 7-8
    • MOTU ADAT optical B 3-4
    • MOTU Analog 7-8
    • MOTU Analog 5-6
    • Digital Output
    • MOTU SPDIF 1-2
    • MOTU ADAT optical B 1-2
    • MOTU ADAT optical A 5-6
    • MOTU Phones 1-2

    As you see this list is pretty messed up and the names of logical consecutive output channels are not consequential. I would like to have 8 analog outputs from my MOTU so I selected the first item on the list (MOTU analog 3-4) then specified a total of 22 channels.


    I'm obliged to set 22 as the total number of output channels because in my list MOTU Analog 5-6 are the last analog elements present. Because items in the list represent pairs of channels, this item corresponds to logical channel 21 and 22.

    1. Then I created the dac object this way:

    [dac~ 13 14 1 2 21 22 19 20]

    Here's an image


    This way I'm able to hear sound on all analog outputs of the MOTU even if I'm experiencing variuous 'clicks' and a series of "resyncing audio" messages inside the PD console...


    I confess, this method is the only way I'm able to make this setup work but it seems to me to be pretty messy and not intuitive at all.

    What seems to be even worse is that analog audio outputs inside the device list seems to change their order at each computer restart, so every time I have to restart from scratch.

    • Is there some easier solution to this problem?
    • Maybe a preference file I can create for PD to load at each startup containing all these settings?
    • or there may be a way to programmatically select correct "analog outputs" from the device list in my patch (even if string parsing doesn't seem to be so easy in PD to me).
    • Would launching PD from console, maybe from an ad-hoc script, solve the problem?

    Thank you so much for your support

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