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    will do!

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    @LucienR THANK YOU for your response!!

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    Hi all! Hope this finds whomever reads this in good spirits..

    if you click the respective .05 and .01 messages(at different times, not at once) at the top of this patch, the corresponding sliders should move at the same speed, however, instance 2 seems to be ignoring [* 200000] and jumps directly to the target number.

    Moreover, the subtraction object is outputting the value from [r nNumber] as 0, whereas in instance 1, the operation is performed correctly.

    It is quite confusing as both instances are carbon copies of the other, I have only changed the respective send and receives


    grateful for all and any help. thanks!!

    ps... I should add that the purpose of the [* 200000] is to slow down the movement of the slider, this functions perfectly in instance 1

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    @whale-av OKKKK, so you made me think..

    Even though the MIDI section of TOUCHOSC was updating the IP automatically. The OSC section, which, as per your info, I have realised is what matters, was NOT updating...manually configuring it does the trick.


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    @whale-av well, maybe i´m missing it, however, this is an older version of TouchOSC...there seems to be no option for that...so I would say no?

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    @whale-av ahhhh and indeed I am using extended

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    @whale-av thanks as usual for your swift response...

    Ok, let´s begin...

    Firewall is totally disabled....while allowing pd just for good measure.

    bonjour is installed

    I´m using this test simple-receive.pd on port 8000

    I have set the midi device to Touch OSC

    And the ip address is fine as Touch OSC is detecting it automatically.

    It works perfectly with Renoise.

    There must be some small detail I´m missing.

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    Happy New Year All!

    Ok, so last year I was able to use my android tablet to communicate with PD on my windows 8 laptop using touchosc..

    I took a 5 month haitus and upon my return it doesn´t work anymore!! Ha ha, I have absolutely no clue why.

    Previously I was connecting via hotspot from my android tablet, using wi-fi also worked.

    Now neither method works.... touchosc does not even detect my laptop anymore

    I also have a new laptop running windows 10, same problem, however, using wi-fi works between Renoise on the laptop and my tablet. TouchOsc only detects my laptop using wi-fi.

    The major changes I think of on the old laptop are: bssdk.dll went missing.....(bluetooth related) and there was a trojan which supposedly has been removed. I have had zero functionality problems with the exception of this touchosc issue.

    tablet: asuszenpad 10

    laptop 1: asus f550l Windows 8 32 bit

    laptop 2: alienware 15 r3 Windows 10 64 bit

    firewall disabled on laptop 2, set to allow for pure data and renoise on laptop 1

    To be clear, I am most interested in getting it to work on laptop 2.

    I must be missing something simple....any and all help appreciated:)

    EDITS: because I can´t spell.......more edits: adding important info

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    @whale-av (edit:forgot to tag you)
    I thought i wanted the value outputted to return to zero, however, it didnt seem to work as expected...

    the continuous string of zeros approach is working..

    I have several reasons why I need this, one of which is to send a message to "ktrigger" using a csound module....it needs to be triggered one at a time, as if it were a button.

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    Ok, I probably should be phrasing this better, but here it goes..

    From what I have observed, control signals seem to be sent by the millisecond even if you only bang or update a parameter once, I assume this is because PD needs to be constantly updated.

    How does one go about sending only ONE message, for example, sending a 1 so that PD reads it as 1, 0 , 0, 0, 0 etc?

    I have tried sending a message of 1, 0 , however, it seems to register as nothing...

    Maybe I haven´t expressed myself well enough, do ask for clarification..

    Thanks, hope all are enjoying their summer!!!

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