• liusangel


    I have this problem with the audio of my computer.
    When i start pd-extended the audio seems to be only working for pd. If I am playing music from my harddrive or from youtube it just stop until I close pd.

    I use Elementary OS Luna (based in ubuntu 12.04) and install pd from the official repositories(http://puredata.info/docs/faq/debian)

    I've alredy googled the issue but i could find anything.

    Anyone? I would appreciate the help.

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  • liusangel

    Hi there

    My problem: when i try to load a patch with the command "pd-extended -nogui -open /home/pi/test.pd" the console send me a message saying "ALSA input error (snd_pcm_open): Device or resource busy" and "ALSA output error (snd_pcm_open): Device or resource busy"

    But, when I use the command "pd-extended -open /home/pi/test.pd"(without -nogui) everything works fine.

    Note: the error "ALSA input error (snd_pcm_open): Device or resource busy" and "ALSA output error (snd_pcm_open): Device or resource busy" also occurs when I choose the default audio card of the Raspberry PI but not when I choose a generic USB audio card all this with GUI of course.

    System: Raspberry PI with 2013-12-20-wheezy-raspbian

    I appreciate any ideas. Thanks.


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  • liusangel

    Hi im reading miller's book, and i want to know the answers of the exercise to compare with my results. if someone was kind enough to respond I would be grateful.

    1. A sinusoid (Page 1) has initial phase φ = 0 and angular frequency ω =
    π/10. What is its period in samples? What is the phase at sample number
    n = 10?
    2. Two sinusoids have periods of 20 and 30 samples, respectively. What is
    the period of the sum of the two?
    3. If 0 dB corresponds to an amplitude of 1, how many dB corresponds to
    amplitudes of 1.5, 2, 3, and 5?
    4. Two uncorrelated signals of RMS amplitude 3 and 4 are added; what’s
    the RMS amplitude of the sum?
    5. How many uncorrelated signals, all of equal amplitude, would you have to
    add to get a signal that is 9 dB greater in amplitude?
    6. What is the angular frequency of middle C at 44100 samples per second?
    7. Two sinusoids play at middle C (MIDI 60) and the neighboring C sharp
    (MIDI 61). What is the difference, in Hertz, between their frequencies?
    8. How many cents is the interval between the seventh and the eighth har-
    monic of a periodic signal?
    9. If an audio signal x[n], n = 0, ..., N − 1 has peak amplitude 1, what is the
    minimum possible RMS amplitude? What is the maximum possible?

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  • liusangel

    hi there,

    Im doing an external in C and i wonder if there is a method or a way to send messages from the external(inside of the object) that is received by an receive object

    sorry for the english, and thanks

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  • liusangel

    Nevermind. The problem is solve. The message ";pd dsp 1" needs a |delay 2000|.

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  • liusangel

    This is what i looking for, I appreciate. Can i find the code of all objects in pd's source code??

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  • liusangel

    Cmon... anyone??
    how does it work the send and receive objects??

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  • liusangel

    Congratulations!!! it is just great and funny!!

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