• leomaurel

    wonderful @beem for the link of the topic on transposing,
    and like this, I'm discovering the "clone" object, that's a great new thing for me!

    So I did this:

    This one works only when new keys are pressed after modulating the transpose parameter; that would be great to have an option where the modulation is processed each time the transpose parameter is modulated...

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  • leomaurel

    thanks! I would like that the held notes swhitch off and on again as they scan upwards chromatically.
    I was thinking about a table to store the midi datas (notes and velocity), but if someone could help me to design quicly an idea with a table, that would be great for me, because I quite never used this object...

    Why do you write that it would be limiting? because of to many generated datas?

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  • leomaurel

    ouahou thanks for your enthousiasm!
    @beem, yes violonaroue.fr is my website.
    We are different users of the Orguanous, but personnaly I control it with Pd Vanilla. I send only MIDI notes on/off to a MIDI interface and then, the midi signal goes to each module of the Organous, where there is a MIDI decoder from Orgautomatech, which transform MIDI notes in current to open the corresponding electrovalve. The MIDI decoder understand only MIDI notes ON/OFF.
    I developped the Pd patches myself, but sometimes I use parts of what I can find on the internet (like the sequencer for example).
    And yes, I understand, "pitchbend" is not the right word! I mean TRANSPOSE in realtime! without ghost notes!

    There are also many different ways to bend the sound of the pipes, but not like this of course. Just by pushing with your feet on the below, that's very very interesting. I also work on proportionnal electrovalves that can change airflow to the pipe, You can also play with your hands near the mouth of the pipes, that make the sound lower.

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  • leomaurel

    @whale-av , thanks for your answers, but I want to pitch midi datas, not sound. I create and transform midi dats in Pd, and then I send them in my midi pipe organ, with pipes, electrovalves, blower, and that instrument produces the sound.
    If I understood, [bendin] and [bendout] are just specific midi controllers isnt'it?
    Here is my test which doesn't work of a midi pitchbendpitchbend_problem2.pd
    It needs this object to workmap.pd

    To understand a little bit more the idea of these midi tools, here are they. Inside there is a tutorial, but sorry it's in french...

    And also a picture of the midi pipe organorganous_2019_pan.JPG

    And a link to a video when it plays:

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  • leomaurel

    Hello everybody,
    I'm new on the forum, and a newbe with pd...
    I developp some tools on pd in order to control a midi pipe organ I built. These tools are organised like a modular synthesizer. There are generators, and filters, LFO's to control different parameters.
    I would like to create a new tool, a very simple one, just a pitchbend. A pitchbend you could use in realtime; for example you play a chord on a midi keyboard, and then yo move the pitchbend of the keyboard, and it modulates the chord.
    It seems to be easy but I'm totally unable to think about how to manage the ghost notes. I tried to find on the internet something which could look like, but I didn't find; it's strange isn't it? it seems to be very basic.
    Does anybody tried this? or know a patch which does the job?
    thank you very much.

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