• kyro

    how would one do a while where the number of iterations is not known in advance?

    I'd just trigger a bang to stop the [until] when the condition is met.

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  • kyro

    Last time I checked there was a bug with the hotspot of children nested datastructures:

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  • kyro


    [traverse window, bang( is to append data, the pointer points to the created item.

    If you want to retreive data, it's [traverse window( and then how many [next(s needed for the pointer to point towards the target item.

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  • kyro

    To get it working I had to pass jack options like frames, SR, buffers, audio and midi channels... when lanching pd, along with -rt -jack. See pd --help for the list of said options. I made a launcher for that. whenever I forget about it and lauch pd any other way it crashes.

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  • kyro

    I recently discovered MidiShaper ( http://www.cableguys.de/midi-shaper.html ) and thought it would be useful to draw Bezier curves in wavetables, and then use them such as automation, enveloppes or even waveforms. Here's a patch getting the job done, at least for a reasonable amount of points.


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  • kyro

    For those interested, I successfully build for linux the tot object from mixed/toxy, which is no longer supported in pd-extended 0.43. I love this external which gets keyboard and mouse interactions per window, with relative mouse coordinates.

    First, get the svn branch of pd-extended (containing most of the externals, unlike the git branch):
    svn co https://pure-data.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pure-data/trunk pd-svn

    Then go to pd-svn/externals/miXed:
    cd pd-svn/externals/miXed

    and build the miXed lib:

    After a while, you will find the resulting binaries, including tot, in pd-svn/externals/miXed/bin. Help files are in pd-svn/externals/miXed/doc/help. Time to move to 0.43 :)

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  • kyro

    Some hints to make electronic music sound less synthetic: "The KTH rule system models performance principles used by musicians when performing a musical score".


    a pd abstraction for "real-time control of expressivity":

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  • kyro

    Dear forum,

    I'm trying to write my first external which is intended to synchronize a sequencer patch to ardour, via jack_transport.

    My sequencer has a timecode granularity of 240 tick per beat, so I'd like the external to check if audio frames match a timecode, and if yes, to send this timecode through an outlet.

    I started by modifying [jackclock] to get the first frame number of each audio cycle.

    I have an equation for converting frame numbers to timecodes, function of sample rate, bpm and granularity, as well as a matching condition in case the timecode would fall between two frames.

    What I need help for is figuring out how to, cycle by cycle, for each frame matching a timecode, output the timecodes in synchronization with their frames through a non-signal outlet.

    In other words, how can I make an external output float messages at timings function of sample indexes in a cycle ? Is this even possible ?

    Thanks for any clue.

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  • kyro

    Here's an abstraction to turn pd to an mtc slave. When properly connected to a mtc master, it outputs a synchronized timecode that you can send to your pd sequences.

    Successfully tested on linux only, via alsamidi, with seq24 and rosegarden. I'm really curious about its behavior on other OS's and with midi hardware.

    It should be possible to detect tempo changes also. Any midi gurus out there ?


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  • kyro

    A patch to play drums with the keyboard without being a drummer. Almost every letter key replaces the default loop by other ones that can be combined to build some sort of drum solo.

    It is basically the same principle as playing with a drum sample in granular synthesis, except that here tweaking the timeline modifies the order of events in "midi-like" sequences.

    Samples included. Key repetition should be disabled. Have fun !


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