• kojime


    Wanted to share my new project Naharsela (http://naharsela.bandcamp.com/)
    All music made with puredata (and ardour) on linux environment.
    Album is free to download.

    Will most likely share some patches later on.
    Dynamic tuning systems, algorithmic sequencers and weird instruments.


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  • kojime

    Recently bought an used proliant server computer (HP Proliant ML-350 G5) for no more than a namely price, just to get rid of the "trash". These '08 things are getting thrown away from datacenters/companies all the time.

    They have xeon quadcore processors and usually lot's of eec ram + raid drives. Very powerful and stable machines but with very limited graphical applications (only those tiny pcie4x slots -> no decent gpu cards available) Excellent for rt audio computation with usb sound interface.

    Ubuntu Studio installed flawlessly with jack, ardour and pd running like a dream.

    Eats lots of power and a bit noisy though.

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  • kojime

    All sounds are from pd: various synths and samplers. sample data from random mostly acoustic sources. The "feedback pad" sound on the first track is actually just very fast gaussian bursts of some scale notes send to deep reverb. Feedback-ish, but harmonic.

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