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    Thanks a lot, will be looking into that.

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    I'm still working on the module patches i wanted to make, i am now in the process of a making a drum sequencer.

    I wanted to know if there was a way i could use a variable (for an array, storing a sample), that can change itself with multiple instances of the same module ex. using 2 drum sequencers and having one instance using a kick sample and the other using a snare sample.

    I managed to make everything work except that one problem.

    I could use different patches for the number of sequencers to use, along with their different variables, but that would be time-consuming and limit the amounts of sequencers to use.

    Here is an example of the project: two-sequencers.pd
    If anyone could help out, it would be a huge thank you.


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  • kasanovpd

    @whale-av ok, thanks a lot!

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    I'm currently working on a metronome module since i want to make a collection of modules i can use in my patches,

    I have almost the whole module complete, there is just this one bug i cant get around...

    When i try to send a variable to the output bang in the module (just a simple bang to tell when the metronome clicks happen), my pd freezes and takes a while to show the bangs from the output, and it gives me a stack overflow loop in the terminal.

    pd patch fix pls.PNG

    The r output and s output works, but when i try it with the variable i set in the red output bang in the module, it crashes my pd.

    I was wondering if anybody could help me with this situation, since i want to try to get this thing working soon.



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