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    屏幕截图 2022-07-19 111255.png 屏幕截图 2022-07-19 111241.png 屏幕截图 2022-07-19 111229.png 屏幕截图 2022-07-19 111212.png 屏幕截图 2022-07-19 111102.png

    I tryed to use Cross multiplication and Conjugate roots to factor the transfer function of two-zero feed-forward filter but...I can‘t get the result like :
    (1-Z1z^-1)(1-Z2z^-2) on p362.

    The name of the book is Designing Audio Effect Plugins in C++
    Same function can be found here but no explation about how to factor:https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/filters/Two_Zero.html

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    @jameslo Thank you soooooo much jameslo!Your patch inspire me a lot!Although it takes me about 2 hours to understand it:joy:
    I made another version base on your |tableIndexer| idea. And I add |file sample rate/system sample rate| to prevent pitch shift.Well......two things I still don't understand:

    • I used |expr $v1<start| in my patch directly but I got message :receive~ end: vector size mismatch,receive~ start: vector size mismatch.After I deleted |block~ 1 1 1| there was no such message,I'm not sure if they're relevant.

    • I notice you use |nrSamples - 2| to valid indexes for 4 point interpolation.But when we apply sinesum function like:|;array1 sinesum 128 1 1|,then there will be 131 samples in array1. So should we add point into it like tabosc4~ help.pd says:'one at the beginning and two at the end, which should be wraparound copies of the last point and the first two points, respectively', but Im confused by tabread4~ help.pd....it did say 'Indices should range from 1 to (size-2)'
      rpole looping scrubber JZ.pd
      rpole looping scrubber JZ.mp4

    Looking forward to the reply,have a nice day!

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    @ddw_music Hi professor!?!? good to see you here!:wink: I read your email last week but im so confused with your

    |lop~ 3|
    |*~ 30|
    |+~ 1| |value f1scale|
    \ /

    You method "L inlet = rate * scale for sample increment",so is the rate always changing?

    wow You helped me in class and now you helped me after class. I can't thank you enough,really!!!


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  • Junzhe hou

    @jameslo WOW~amazing!太棒了!Ilike it!this is exactly what I want to create!
    I found a little problem :if sample rate(in audio setting) changed the result sound different in your patch.
    and I don't quite understand this part:
    |*~ -1e+023|
    |clip~ 0 1|
    why times that huge number and then clip?
    Would you mind explaining that part?I am really confused;-)

    Junzhe hou

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    Playback rate Phasor~ II.pd
    Hi,sorry for my bad Enlish.I'm designing a sample player that can play faster or slower then normal speed, play forward and reverse.It is mockup of VCV's NYSTHI-MUSICALBOX plugin. I mainly use |phasor~| and |tabread4~| to calculate the frequency of |phaosr~| by setting the start and end points, and the signal given by |phasor~ is mapped into an index and given to |tabread4~|.
    The problem is: when changing the start and end points there will be an obvious audio click, the starting point can be used |samphold~| to do the logic to take effect the next time you play, but the audio click that occurs when changing the end point really do not know how to do.

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