• Joseph Mikkelson

    In the creation of a compressor like effect I need an "if else" like function. How could such a system be created for numerical rational testing?

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  • Joseph Mikkelson

    I have a humble low CPU synthesizer that has versatile functionality. I am very interested in receiving feedback for later updates.
    update log
    V. 05: Added colors to the sliders so they are not an eye sore. Added increased precision on all sliders for more accurate and controllable values.
    ~Sine wave
    ~ Tremolo with three controls
    ~ Phase shifting
    ~ A low pass, high pass, and voltage controlled filters that can be set in strength
    ~ One user controlled filter
    ~Two reverbs with 3 total controls
    ~Attack and Envelope readouts

    I am looking for advice on improvements that will be promptly added, any questions will also be answered promptly.
    Course Oblivion studio.pd

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