• Jakki

    Dear Pd-Forum,
    I have a main patch "LAB_main3" that dynamically creates 160 abstractions "hover_canvas3" into the subpatch "guisubpatch". The subpatch is only there in order to clear the subpatch on init/loadbang.

    The abstraction consists of the [mousepad] object from the ELSE library and a [line] which does a constant color change of the [mousepad]. My problem is that I have a heavy CPU load (top command, 50 %) when I load the main patch and the color change is taking place. I need to reduce the CPU load because the patch needs to grow bigger in the future. Do you have a hint on how I can achieve this? I played aroung with [line]s grain size but seems to have no effect.

    The patches are attached.

    Thanks! Jakob

    LAB_main3.pd hover_canvas3.pd

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  • Jakki

    Yes, I learned it the hard way a few years ago :-D

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  • Jakki

    Hey David, wow! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it!
    Yes, I will take the last working version and start with that again.
    Before that, I will install a clean raspbian operating system and pd.
    The operating system that I am using is already quite old and I know, that when I was updating to pd 0.49 on that system, I had some h-file from tcl missing and I think that I just grabbed the missing file from somewhere I don't remember now. But I was definitely not knowing what I was doing.... That is the only explanation I have for this weird issue.

    Thank you again for your help and your time!

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  • Jakki

    Hey David,
    thank you very much for your help! I will try your suggestions tomorrow and I will also upload the MY_RSP_HID_PRECISER object.
    ..if you still need it...because I just realised that I have the last working version of the patch. It does not contain my latest changes ( which is bad :-( ) but it is quite up to date and contains almost everything.
    So you should be able to have a look everywhere.


    Please let me know, if I should upload something else.
    Thank you ! Jakki

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  • Jakki

    Hey David, thank you for your answer.
    Yes, I can upload the patch, but the problem is that it does contain these weird characters now. You can see it when you look at its plain text. And this causes the patch to be more or less empty :-(

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  • Jakki

    I have a weird problem. I am delevoping a patch on a raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Jessie and Pd 0.49.
    A few days ago, I worked a little bit on the patch. Everything was working fine.
    Today, i wanted to open the patch, but I get this red Tcl error in the pd console:

    (Tcl) UNHANDLED ERROR: extra characters after close-brace
    while executing
    "pdtk_text_new .x20d7230.c {.x20d7230.t22b35e0 obj text} 833.000000 245.000000 {<&ì°<=«¯<|®<»æ­<"­<è˫<ïª<Bª<|o©<úæ§< ("uplevel" body line 284)
    invoked from within
    "uplevel #0 $docmds"

    Above this error message, I get a lot of "couldn't create" errors like this:

    <&ì°<=«¯<|®<»æ­<"­<è˫<ïª<Bª<|o©<úæ§<ۦ<ƒ1¦<<õ¤<Ìa£<3 ¢<M¡<ëŸ<bUŸ<rٞ<ÿ7<V•›<Œ§š<ks™<~—<ù–<6v•<¥“<\\;ë‘< ·<× <¶úŽ<ݍ<˜­‹<ƥŠ<Ñýˆ<ó‡<d« <¶¸„<‡Pƒ<_º<\}€<?\}<QWz<&œw<\}Mu<%‹r<\\,Ro<wôk<Si<t!f<ŽÔb<Μ_<å-\\\\\\\\<û4X< bT<MlR<ÅHP<%ûL<¯ŸH<KfE<„ŸC<ÏA<ø¯=<K>:< 6<٦2<³v/<+Â\\\\\\,<ª+*<êw&<âH"<ùÜ<áÀ<Ć<V®<ŒH<½õ<ûâ <¦( <!F<¤Ò<Vºþ\\;kÊø\\\\\\;¬ó\\\\\\;—åí\\\\\\;«Bç\\\\\\;áß\\\\\\;ï\\\\\\,Ö\\\\\\;V²Î\\\\\\;-É\\\\\\; ÎÂ\\\\\\;[å»\\\\\\;ÿµ\\\\\\;§N°\\\\\\;k©\\\\\\;yآ\\\\\\;P\\\\\\;d#–\\\\\\;"5‘\\\\\\;]†‹\\\\\\;Ԇ„\\\\\\;|\;=ùq\\\;ýRf\\\;äYT\\\;ß%J\\\;}RB\\\;6\\\;·(\\\;”•\\\;¿ç\\\;˜( \;àð:š•Ì:sB²:UŠ:\\\\ސ:›.}:&àA:<:Ҵè9L†9ë=P8š¹Â& ¹äºD‚.º&ýQº b b
    ... couldn't create

    Do you have any idea what could wrong? Thank you very much,

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  • Jakki


    @seb-harmonik.ar said:

    @Jakki if you post the whole patch we could be of more help, all you posted was a counter. But it probably has to do with the position you're reading the sound file from changing discontinuously.

    Yes, that might be true!
    Here is a patch that shows how I do it currently. The sample "sound.wav" is recorded in 122 bpm, so in the pd-patch all the calculations are "hard-coded" with 122.
    Let me know if something is unclear.
    All the best, Jakki

    Here is the sound-file. It must be in the same folder as the pd-patch, as I am not using [openpanel] in the patch:

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  • Jakki

    Hey all,
    i am putting together an 8-track-sample-player using the soundfiler-phasor~-tabread4~-approach for each track.
    I experienced that i need some kind of sync-mechanism in order to keep the eight samples in sync while they are playing. So I gave the following a try:
    I set the position of phasor~ using its right inlet with every whole beat (1,2,3,4) of my bpm-metronome. The current position is calculated in dependency of the current sample's length.
    It works, but every time I set a new position to phasor~ I hear a popping noise in my speakers. So my approach is probably completely senseless, but I thought I ask you. Maybe you have a solution to my problem or an idea for another approach.
    Attached, you find a pseudo-patch which symbolises what I am doing. Think of the print-object as the phasor~ object.
    Thank you, Jakki

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  • Jakki

    Hey Pders!
    I am running a sample-player-patch in pd-extended 0.43.4 on a Raspberry Pi 2.
    With [loadbang] I load round about 20 wav-samples from disk with [read] and [soundfiler]. When I do this in the pd-gui-environment, everything works okay. But when I load the patch via the command line like so:
    "sudo pd-extended -nogui -open myPatch.pd"
    I get the following message:
    "sys_startgui: cannot allocate memory"
    When I run the patch in pd-vanilla 0.46.2 - also on the Raspi 2- the same error occurs.

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