• hnw

    [RVR0188] Cassette One by Exiting Blue

    Digital Purism was created in FL Studio, with one prized VST synth given a mid eq boost and recorded. Everything else was recorded using Pure Data with basic oscillators , mastered in FL Studio and outputted as .wav or .mp3. There were no analog instruments used in this recording, no bent circuits, no pointless overuse of archaic pedals and certainly no contact mics placed in a fridge, thrown down a mountain and recorded. Inspired by Whitehouse's BirthDeath Experience, Merzbow's original move to laptop usage and Florian Hecker's 'Acid in the style of David Tudor'.


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  • hnw

    Just started writing a new blog for my own benefit, as well as others if interested, that collects a load of patches from across the net.

    I have put a load of youtube beginner videos and pdf book reference sections on there and its slowly expanding. Im looking to put the GEM section in there soon.

    Any ideas or stuff to add please let me know.


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  • hnw


    This is my first attempt combing the two for some up coming releases.

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