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    @lacuna Hi Lacuna:

    I was using using [bpm] as abstration for a counter :+1:

    Receive Midi Clock 2.jpg

    I intend that counter gives me some visual information about

    what bpm master is sending to,and the cursor position in beats.

    Tryed everything,but can't find out how conect midi receiver to

    the counter. I'll use it in a subpatch,while running a sequencer in Pd.

    *Am sending "Pure Data In" from Reason output to,

    "Pure Data In" at Pd midi imput.

    Hope someone help me to solve this puzzle;

    think this will interest to many Pd users.

    Thank you again:


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  • GWB70

    Hi there:

    Am starting on Pd,and as far i could read,it's not have even a mention

    about midi clock.I found 2 patches at Pd patch repository, but they were for Pd Extended. Am using Pd Vanila 48.1 right now, so

    i adapted one of these patches:

    pd_ receive midi clock.jpg
    I have no result with this one ; the description of "midirealtimein"

    is vague. Can someone,tell how can i set pd in "slave mode"

    (receiving midi clock) ? I intend to sync pd with Hydrogen,Sonic Pi,


    My OS is Windows 10.
    Receive Clock.pd
    Thank you in advance:


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