• grel

    Thank you for the replies!
    @whale-av That first link had the solution.
    Thanks again!

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  • grel

    I'm just beginning to learn pure data....
    I would like to work with sounds coming from an external input.
    As I saw in a tutorial, I want to show the envelope of the sound coming from the mic.
    Seems quite basic but... nothing is happening?!
    Can someone help me out with this?
    Here's a printscreen of all the different settings.
    What am I missing???
    Also, I checked with reaper, there is sound coming in through the mic. I closed reaper before opening pure data to make sure there's no conflict with the sound device. That didn't help though...

    (i'm on mac osx 10.14.4 )

    Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 20.30.18.png

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