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    Very very helpful.

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    maybe you can use comport and define different channels? but that's for hardware stuff i guess..

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    @bonehead696 yeah just add object [declare -lib iemlib] and then create object with zl group etc..
    will work check help for more detailed info about it.

    Also for cyclone and such u need to declare path not lib [declare -path cyclone]

    Have a good day!

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    @oid Yessir, helped, works wonders now my eyes won't be tired of the laggy UI. Kudos!

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    Hi there,
    Thank you for the quick response.

    You are right, I so really want to use the latest PD variant.

    But, here the problem:-
    As you can see the first picture with the errors are the latest Pd v0.54-0

    and the one im working with (2nd screenshot) is pd-extended ( I even had to downgrade to macos Mojave to support it lol

    Once I have this part figured out, I will post the whole screenshot of my patch with comments and show you what i'm working on. It can be done with note-off but im just not sure too much going on the screen and like i said, things get laggy on any hardware xD specially when or if using Ableton or any other software with PD.
    Pd 0.54 works fine i have tested with big patches.

    Seeking out more answers from you all! thanks.

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    or you can route that midi note out to a DAW or any software you like that you want to control with pure data.

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    Ensure your USB Soundcard is pi compatible?

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    Tried on older pd versions btw?

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    Hello fellow music enthusiasts and tech aficionados,

    I hope this message finds you well. I come to you with a puzzle that has been occupying my mind, and I believe your collective wisdom could help me find the missing piece.

    As a self-taught musician and tech geek, I have been diving into the world of MIDI data manipulation within Pure Data Extended. My current project involves a web of message objects that transmit MIDI data using Arduino serial connections. It's a fascinating journey, but as with any adventure, there are hurdles to overcome.

    Here's the challenge I'm currently facing: I'm looking to implement a seamless transition in my setup. Imagine this - with a simple click of a button (or "bang," as we call it in the world of Pure Data), I want to send out another "bang" to a different message object or perhaps a number object, whichever is more suitable for the process at hand. This second "bang" will then work its magic to shift the currently playing note by 12 semitones, effectively transposing it.

    Now, I won't pretend that my patching skills are perfect. In fact, I'm running into a curious issue where things seem to behave oddly. I suspect it might be related to how I'm connecting the notes to individual bangs, each linked to separate noteout channels. Yes, there's just one button involved (for now), and I confess, it's acting a bit like a diva on stage!

    Here's a bit more context: I'm using Pure Data Extended, as I followed some video and tried it out, couldn't use in latest pd versions, particularly when dealing with larger patch configurations. However, I'm encountering problems when it comes to certain objects like 'iem_alisttosym,' 'zl group 100,' 'fromsymbol,' and others. The console log kindly informs me with a 'couldn't create' message, which has led me to believe that I might be missing something crucial.

    This is where I turn to you, the creative minds of the forum. I'm keen to hear your thoughts, insights, and perhaps some innovative workarounds. How can I make this setup run as smoothly as a well-composed symphony? What are your preferred approaches to MIDI data manipulation, especially in situations like mine? And if you've ever danced with the laggy GUI dragon in Pure Data Extended, I'm all ears for your advice on keeping things both functional and visually pleasing.

    So, dear forum members, what say you? Your guidance, suggestions, and expertise would not only help me solve this enigma but also inspire others who might be navigating similar terrain. Let's make music and tech collaborate harmoniously!

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Your insights could very well be the melody my project needs to hit the right note.

    Musically yours,

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    Hey guys thanks for the quick answer, yes right after i posted this i did some more digging my mind was clogged up couldn't even think of set message. that worked like charm!

    but thanks for the key recommendation too, its mapable as well and just gives me more ideas.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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