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    Hi! Relative beginner to PD here. I've been building a pretty basic synth which works fine in PD, but when loading it onto Bela I'm having issues with my analog inputs. With my current patch there is no sound and the connected potentiometers do nothing when turned.

    The screenshot shows 2 oscillators which are controlled by one pot. (I am using sliders on the patch to simulate the analog inputs which worked fine for testing in the virtual environment) Essentially, I am using 7 analog inputs to control the frequencies of 14 oscillators. You can see in my screenshot how a toggle switches between two routes (all toggles are either on or off dependent on a master toggle which is my 8th analog input).

    I think the reason this isn't working may be to do with using snapshot~ as a way to convert the signal to a control - I guess this isn't creating a continuous value which the patch can use for the frequencies of the oscillators? The list prepend object which defines the 2 routes obviously cannot take an input from the adc, so is there another way to convert this? Or is there some way I could have the input after the list? I've tried a few things out but can't get anything to work.


    Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 12.27.19.png

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