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    hey all,

    here is the latest and probably last state of my liveperformance 3d synth.

    i started this back in 2004 and worked on it on and off since then, parallel to vj gigs with brandx in glasgow and more recently at the sirius ( http://siriusberlin.de ) parties in berlin for the last couple of years. there are still tons of bugs and things that are not quite elegant, but since i pretty much abandoned development in 2009 i thought i might just as well share the current state with you.

    in the zip, besides the patches you also find a sort of quickstart cheatsheet. i hope it's not too confusing. :)

    the concept is pretty simple. you'll find all the general options of gem for influencing the window, a buch of lights, a simple glsl videomixer and two modules that allow loading of model files and native gem objects. automate xyz rotation, translation and scale, set colors, iterate, texture with image or video, make a particle system or animate text.

    because of a lack of time, i can't really give proper support on it, but will of course try to answer questions as they come up.

    i've been running generat with the current version of pd-extended on osx.


    spread at will and enjoy.

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    i found it quite hard to understand the basics of using framebuffering within pd for the use of freeframe-, [pix_] and glsl effects on models and normals.

    since i am not the only one, it seems, i put together a little patch of the way that works best for me at the moment.

    i can't give any actual help on how to write glsl pixelshaders, since i am at the stage of randomly poking code from opengl helpfiles in the hope of understanding what is happening.

    quite a bit of this patch has been copied together from other patches i found - can't remember where from, so i can't credit.

    the downside of this patch is, that because you create a new rectangle on which the whole scene is textured, you loose versatility in using lights and depth of the viewport.
    i use this in conjunction with normal gemchains an obviously, other objects visibly cut through the rectangle.


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    i want to try the autobuild for pd-extended on osx (Pd-0.42.5-extended-macosx105-i386.dmg) and get the following error for GEM:

    /Applications/Pd-0.42.5-extended-20091009.app/Contents/Resources/extra/Gem/Gem.pd_darwin: dlopen(/Applications/Pd-0.42.5-extended-20091009.app/Contents/Resources/extra/Gem/Gem.pd_darwin, 10): Library not loaded: /sw/lib/libjpeg.62.dylib
    Referenced from: /Applications/Pd-0.42.5-extended-20091009.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/../bin/../../lib/libtiff.3.dylib
    Reason: image not found
    Gem: can't load library

    i tried to reference to a separately downloaded gem (0.92.1) via path, but pd won't see that at all.

    any help much appreciated!

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    hi there,

    i posted a little showreel of recent stuff i did with my interface of pd/gem on vimeo.

    i know the quality is somewhat questionable, which is due to the fact, that i ran the output into a cam by its av-input, which is composite and sort of looks like a 1995 vhs. bummer.

    (brings me to the question of how people record their gem stuff. pix_write doesn't work for me....just outputs black tiffs, record doesn't work at all. my best next guess is using a screenrecorder app, which is better, but sometimes heavily lags in fps.


    i hope it's enjoyable anyhow.

    there you go:

    music is mine as well, yet no pd was used in it. *shame*


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    i'd quite like to get into using a wiimote.
    i haven't gotten one yet, but even for a start, there seem to be problems.

    according to the pd-mailinglist, the external should be here http://mikewoz.com , but i can't find it. (what exactly would it's name be?)

    is everybody else using [hid] successfully?
    or is OSC the way to go?

    obviously i want to use as many control of the wiimote as i can, with a as precise as possible readout.

    i don't really get if i need an connectionapp between my (onboard) bluetooth device and the wiimote?

    slightly confused, hoping for a quick rundown.


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    not sure whether to put this into patches or pixeles, but since everybody is always so nice to share patches, i feel like pointing to a project i made back in 2004.

    it is sort of a live tool for 3d mixing called generat. i am working on it again for the first time since then, since i got a few gigs doing visuals again.

    anyhow, the old pack i put together back then, is here:

    http://0io.org/projects.htm there's a link to a extensive online manual as well

    interface screenshot:


    maybe someone can make use of it.

    have fun

    edit: updated broken links.

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    hi empty forum,

    first of all, good to have sth like this although the mailinglist is always very supportive. cheers everybody. but.................................
    let´s see what this one does.

    maybe someone could help me with this one:
    i am trying to have a video/image/live cam feed in the background of a gem-space and geos in front of it. i´d like the geos to be see-through "transparent" to the background video.
    i know that the render [gemhead x] needs to be set lower on the video to do so. doesn´t work -> pd/gem crashes. i tried gem 0.87, gem0.88pre, gem0.87+cvs -all the same problems.
    is this just a "bug" and undoable at the moment or am i doing sth completely wrong?
    any suggestions or similar experiences?
    thanks, flo

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    updated link in first post.


    sneak peak: i'm working on a more accessible and faster version with less options in the interface, aimed to stream into vdmx, coge or resolume.

    if you have feedback now, for what should definitely go and is utterly useless, or is ace and should stay, fell free to let me know!



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    cheers, that's ace to hear.

    i updated the link in the first post to point to the correct location at my newly designed site, where there are more videos i made with generat.

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  • flo

    see this thread for an update version an dlink


    *sleepy bird

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