• FAT32

    thank you very much
    I installed IGlasses and it works!
    Unfortunately it is a soft payment.
    We will have to wait for a definitive solution from the developers of GEM
    A hug

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  • FAT32

    (I am not English speaking)
    I installed PD-Extended on a macbook air OS 10.12.4.

    When you try to use
    "GEM /examples/04.Video / 00 simple video.pd"
    (And any example with camera)

    I get the following error:
    "[Pix_video]: backend # 0 = 'Darwin': darwin dv iidc analog
    Expr, expr ~, fexpr ~ version 0.4 under GNU General Public License
    Could not make new SG channel error -9405
    [Pix_video]: no valid video backend found "

    Any help will be very welcome
    Thank you!

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