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    ok now i decided to start to dive into pure data. since i want don't want to miss anything and i love to work with manuals: can you recommend me some pdf manual or printed book? anyway, my main focus is less sound synthesis but more composition.

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    @whale-av wow, thanks a lot!

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    at the moment its a single message dump - its only a txt file containing all parameters in human readable format ;-) so that i can follow the instructions and build everything by hand in my daw.
    there are informations about: number of tracks, bpm, chord scheme, chord changes, time signature, track length
    for each track: vst instrument, variation patterns, fx lanes, event densities, also composition methods or composition tools to use, fills, drops oddities, even from which mp3 source the sampler has to pick its samples.
    so only the abstract macro plan is done by my python program at the moment. i'd like to bring everything a step further in future and even let the rest be done automatically.

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    oh thanks a lot,
    my goal is to automate the way i build tracks and let as many parameters as possible be controlled by controlled propabilities without losing the character the tracks would have when they were completely made by my own decisions.
    so in automating the decisions about, tracks, instruments, bpm, length, chord changes, breaks, which vst pugin i could speed up my workflow ;-)
    at the moment i have a python program which generates all the parameters of a song, but it leaves me with a txt printout which i have to follow then by hand in my daw. even the overall composition algorithms are sketched by my python program.
    what i liked to achieve in far future would be to fill the gap between the construction made by my python program and the actual audio output. automate everything and still maintaining the style of my personal tracks.
    so what i need to find is the connection between my python parameters and the vsts which play the song in the end,

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    i'm looking for a software which can do the following:

    1. recieve parameters from a python script, for example number of tracks, vst instruments

    2. do a algorithmic composition using the parameters recieved from python

    3. play the composition with the vst instruments setv by the python script

    can i do this w pure data?

    thanks a lot



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