• elwinbran

    Thanks a ton so far, I will work on this

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  • elwinbran

    Hi all,

    Been using PD for a little while for making MobMuPlat patches.
    While the filters found in pd extended are certainly good, I am looking for a higher order filter (LP and HP) this time. Preferably, an 8th order filter.

    It is a requirement to use pd-extended only, for keeping MobMuPlat support.
    The filters are required to have a cutoff input and a resonance input (neither needs to be audio signal in, but that would be a nice bonus).

    While I did manage to get a patch working using rifft~ and basically graphing the desired frequency spectrum, the result isn't very great and probably adds unnecessary overhead.

    Does anyone know of a freely available patch for these filters?
    Or perhaps pointers on how to use the pole~ objects, so that I can create it myself?

    Thanks in advance.

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