• dimagimburg

    Okay guys I didn't manage to fix my latency problem, that probably because i cant explain myself clearly. I am providing you my example of the issue. to reproduce it please leave you mic and speakers close enough to record the metronome ticks (my laptop mic and speakers are close enough). please bang the top left controls for the example i provided in the order from left to right:
    120 a bpm -> 2 s beats -> 4 s bars -> mentronomeOn -> lenght 8000 -> s is_preparing_for_recording.

    this should start the metronome tick and cycle tself with number of beats and bars. when the cycle starts over again and is_preparing_for_recording flag is banged it should start recording the sounds of the metronome for one cycle (in this example 8seconds). then it should play back what ive recorded. you can clearly hear the delay between the still running metronome to the playback. this is something i want to fix. can you please help me?

    zip is provided Archive.zip

    thak you so much!

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  • dimagimburg

    @whale-av i just thought about it a little bit (didn't try it yet thoough) but isn't the delwrite~ object adds more delay to what I have now? from the help window of delwrite~/delread~ I didn't understand much the need. (i only saw someone on youtube that creates delay effect which is obviously not what i search for). again, I'll try it later tonight.

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  • dimagimburg

    wow guys, thank you both for the super fast reply. will try it tonight and update if it worked for.

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  • dimagimburg

    Hi, I'm pretty new to pd, and there is the thing:
    I'm trying to create some dynamic looper that loops a recording over and over and having some trouble with latency/delay between tabwrite~ and tabplay~.

    1. I prepare the table in advance with dynamic resizing and naming so it will be ready to record when i tell it to.
    2. I have in the background some sort of metronome patch (for tempo) that bangs to the track patch when to start the recording (the "track" patch is ready in advance and waits to a bang to start the record), metronome still plays.
    3. The metronome bangs in the right time to the track patch
    4. I am recording with tabwrite~ the number of samples that is pre-calculated in step 1. (I am recording the beats from the metronome to hear it play back without delay)
    5. the tabwrite~ ends the recording when the number of samples are all full and bangs right away to tabplay~.

    here is the problem. when it plays the recording it can be noticed that there is a delay between the record playback and the metronome patch that ticks. this delay stays with the same margin over the loop.

    I want to know how you handle this issue? or what can be the issue?

    what cam to my mind is few options:

    1. start playing tabplay~ before (with offset of the latency) tabwrite~ finishes (is it even possible?)
    2. hang (make some delay) the metronome patch with the latency offset (seems like not right thing to do)
    3. I read about something with buffers that must be divided by 64 samples to be precise, do you have any information about it?

    I can provide my patchs but they are a little bit messy because I use them in IOS application.

    thanks so much!

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