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    bang until PdParty

    Howdy all,

    I’m pleased to announce that the PdParty BETA has started!

    Run your Pure Data patches on iOS with native GUIs emulated. Inspired by Chris McCormick's Android PdDroidParty and the (now defunct) original RjDj app.

    After almost two months of work, there have been quite a number of improvements and I feel the app is now close to version 1.0 status.

    I just need your help to find bugs, suggest improvements, and create demo scenes.

    How this works

    1. DM me your name & email*

    2. I add you to the tester list

    3. You should receive a notification email

    4. Download the free TestFlight app form the App Store

    5. Open TestFlight and install the latest PdParty build

    *Those of you who participated in the alpha testing should already have received an email.


    PdParty User Guide

    PdParty Composer Pack

    Happy Patching!

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    For those who don't want to download anything:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.01.58 PM.png

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    It's actually pretty easy. The message address is broken up via [oscparse] and you simply use route objects.

    I made a patch which explains how to transition in order to better understand how it works. You can get it here aka mrpeach-to-vanilla-osc.pd.

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    Howdy all,

    I've announced this on the pd-list, but thought I'd put it up here as well.

    PdParty is an iOS app that allows you to run Pure Data patches on Apple mobile devices using libpd. It is directly inspired by Chris McCormick's PdDroidParty and the original RjDj app by Reality Jockey. It takes a step further by supporting OSC and MIDI and by implementing the native Pd gui objects for a WYSIWYG patch -> mobile device experience.

    I put together a User Guide that fully explains it: https://github.com/danomatika/PdParty/blob/master/doc/PdParty_User_Guide.md

    I've used it for a few shows so far and I'm currently seeking more testers. PM me and I'll send you the info on how to get the app. I'm using TestFlight so it's pretty easy.

    Happy mobile patching.

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    I've been reading posts on this forum for a while and post to the pd-list. I thought I'd finally post some patches/info here.

    http://robotcowboy.com : my pd-powered music/performance project

    http://danomatika.com/software/rc-patches/ : robotcowboy patches for you

    Most of the objects have guis with sssad state saveable parameters.
    * rc-drumsseqs: sequencers with velocity values
    * rc-patternbuddy: pattern save and load to sequencers
    * rc-chipwave~: a chiptunes emulator built around Phill Phelp's chipwave~ example
    * rc-wavetable~: a wavetable gui osc
    * rc-sample~: oneshot sampler with reverse and speed control
    * rc-arp: the arpeggiator from Tod Winkler's Composing Interactive Music
    * rc-openclose: open and close patches (useful for playlists)
    * rc-count: yet another counter (no pd external is complete without one)
    * a bunch of utility wrappers (sfplay~, rc-spigot~, etc)
    * blahblahblah ... the list grows

    I also use pd with a wearable computer running Ubuntu. If you need help/scripts, etc for automating pd with input devices, etc I might be able to help. I haven't gotten around to documenting everything yet.

    Also for Linux/Ubuntu, rc-unitd: an OSCulator-like joystick/wiimote event deamon. No fancy gui yet, but you can edit the text files to set your own osc addresses for each joystick. Oh and handles hot plugging.

    End of Line.

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    This is still true for Logic Pro X, except that the MIDI Environment window is now hidden by default. Turn it back on with:

    Logic Pro X->Preferences->Advanced Tools->Check the MIDI box

    Following Maelstrom's advice, I opened the MIDI Environment with CMD-0, changed to the Clicks & Ports layer, added a new Monitor, and connected the target IAC port I made for PD to the monitor. Now sending MIDI from Logic Pro X to PD works.

    Attached is a screenshot of the connections. I've connected Pure Data In to the Monitor as that's the port Logic is sending to.


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    1. Yes, there is the [touch] object. See the Droidparty tests. PdParty currently supports a subset of the DroidParty objects.
    2. No. I don't currently have plans for one.
    3. No. All of that functionality is available as Pd GUI reproductions.
    4. No, but I'd be open to talking about that. Due to the nature of the AppStore, I didn't choose that as a main focus as it will never be as easy as creating a DroidParty-based app.

    My goal is to maintain parity with the existing Pd GUI so that creating patches on the desktop work the same as on PdParty which, IMO is the power of DroidParty. I will eventually add SVG/custom image support in the future, but it's not a functional requirement right now.

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    Some more info:

    It's a universal app. Has OSC & CoreMIDI (including network MIDI).

    Here's an iPhone image:

    All vanilla GUIs are there and completely editable (aka move them, change shape, change color etc) on the fly. I imagine someone will make some awesome dancing TouchOSC patches with this :)

    Also the app supports running RjDj & Droidparty scenes in addition to regular patches. (Not all Droidparty abstractions are currently supported aka menubang, loading/saving screens, etc).

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    There is no mrpeach_setup() but the rest are correct:


    See https://github.com/danomatika/robotcowboy/blob/master/src/externals/Externals.h

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