• Crojav

    @Balwyn said:

    If you were thinking of using [poly] to create a polyphonic [osc~] synth, you can do it this way



    Balwijn Thanks you also much for your help! This is a clear picture and understandable to me how to continue my experiment with PureData!

    Greeting Crojav

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  • Crojav

    @whale-av said:

    @Crojav The messages from [notein] are recombined by [pack f f] into midinote number and velocity in one message like [61 127( and [61 0( to turn the notes on and off.
    The route object sends the velocity value out of just one outlet, depending on the first number in each message..... the note number.

    The note numbers I have put in the route object are definitely wrong, but I am sure you can fix that better than me.
    Right-click objects to get help and see how they work......
    Happy patching, and welcome to the forum!

    David I was thinking on such a way to handle this kind of situation. But without to have to knowledge of PureData could not get it in that way. You helped me in that direction. Thank you much for the patch you included. Now I am able to continue my experiments with PureData.

    Greeting Crojav

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  • Crojav

    @py said:

    route splits lists based on first term

    moses separates flow based on value

    check these objects

    is that what you need?

    All of this does not make any sense to me?

    Please can you explain what you mean in simple term for some one who started right away with Puredata?

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  • Crojav

    Hello New here and for a week busy with PureData.

    My question: I like to trigger several osc's ( with difference frequencies) with difference MidiNotes triggers from a sequencer or Keyboard. As far as I am here is my Patch. osc_002.pd

    greeting Crojav

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