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    @whale-av Thank you it works!
    This is my first SysEx I sent throw code.

    It ain’t luck, its a choice, Red pill (;

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    Hello everyone!
    new here...
    I'm tring to send system exclusive message to my Roland (edirol) SD-80
    I'm using ubuntu studio -> qjackctl set puredata midi out to the sd-80 input
    pgmout works!

    in the manual the message is in HEX: "F0 43 10 4C 00 00 7E 00 F7" (without(""))
    this message supposed to set the sound generator mode to XGlite and the module should show that the mode is set...
    I wrote this HEX code in a message box (ctrl + 2) then connected the message box to midiout object
    entered play mode (ctrl + E) clicked the message box but nothing happened...


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