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    So I did take a look at 'more on arrays' and 'arrays' in the documentation but seems like it has no input on dealing with the 'x range' and 'y range' which is found in the properties of the array. I would like to change the 'y-range' using a message box or any other method apart from having to open the properties window. Let me know if I'm missing out on anything.

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    @whale-av said:


    Many thanks @whale-av
    I hadn't. i should go through all of these.

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    Hi there,
    so I have been reading posts related to arrays on the forum and still cant seem to wrap my head around how I could go about this.
    Excuse me, for this may just be a noob question but it could help me move further with what i plan to do.

    I am able to set the size of the array automatically (defined by just a bang rather than going through its properties) what is frustrating me is not being able to set the X and Y properties of the array the same way. I don't wish to edit it from the properties as it doesn't make it an improvisational tool anymore.
    Is there a very simple way that im probably missing out here?

    Why i want to do this is because i wish to load a sample onto an array using soundfiler. and at the same time use another array with the same settings as the first one, and draw waveforms on it and use it to modulate the first array using line~

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