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    I found the issue. It is causes by the external monitor. When pd is used in the laptop monitor a right click on an object displays the menu. When I do a right click and randomly click near the object sometimes the properties or help menu pops up on the external monitor. What I thinnk is that the menu is not displayed correctly on the external monitor.

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  • blnpd

    My OS is MacOs V12.5 (Monterey).
    When I am doing a right click on an object, the box with 'properties', 'open', 'help' does not even appear.

    I managed to open the properties menu of certain objects, such as HSlider, Bang, Toggle, HRadio, by holding the control key+double click or do a double right click on the object. Then a window pops up where some values and colors can be setted.

    But I could not figure out how to open the menu with the contents "properties" "open" and "help" yet.

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  • blnpd

    Hi Guys, I am new to puredata so forgive me for this stupid question.

    I am currently reading the book "Multimedia Programming with Pure Data".
    In this book it is said, that right click on an objects opens up a menus, with properties, help and other stuff.
    This seems not to be the case for my pureData version.

    I know that the book author using pd-extended but this version of pd is not supported anymore, that is why I am
    using pd vanilla.

    So my questions are:

    • Is is possible to do a right click on an object and get the properties and help menus in pd vanilla?
    • If yes, how?
    • If no, is there an add on which provides this feature for pd vanilla?

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