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    the latest version of my xenharmonic synthesizer and fractal music
    sequencer is here

    some of the more recent recordings from it as well as a good old fashioned
    hillbilly lovesong with fretless banjo,guitar, and fiddle can be heard here


    it would be nice to know what part of my synth is eating up the cpu
    so I can fix it

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    not shareable yet still workin out a few bugs left in from development and got 6 parameters to add to preset for the karplus strong string sim i added in at the last minute but i think it fits what i had in mind, it's been a long road and probably spurs from ideas i had as a teenager some 25 odd years ago like wondering how to tap my guitar signal into the yamaha dx7 for some fm feedback haha.

    here is for a listen of the current state of the synth


    enjoy some of it is playing on the keyboard and some is sequenced with my fractal sequencer.

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    Some of my numberboxes have # instead of $ in them. I clearly type in $ and upon reopening the $ has been replaced with #. What does this mean?

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    i've run out of space to upload tracks. you will need firefox or safari to listen. its all pure data.

    Aliasacid Aliceosceses Hetero Hoedown

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    This is a rough recording of controlling the Bristol synth emulator with my fractal sequencer pd patch. I used 2 moog minis 1 for bass 1 for snare and the melodies go to an arp2600 and C64Sid.

    Audio was routed back to pure data and ran through my stereo delay.


    I could not get Bristol to show up in jack alsa connections till I saved the startBristol command line as an executeable shekk script and ran not in terminal.


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    Here's a youtube video of some of my fractal music

    . to hear more click on my name and check out the burningship vids. all were done with pd and zynaddsubfx.

    I uploaded my fractal music maker patch if u get the time to try it out, it just outputs midi, the bpm control is global and works for syncing if u want to chain from a recorder, i use the 2 outers as drums and u dont get no sound till u hit start and select channels and toggle the rests - all 3 equals no rest(markov) if u turn on the room and go in(pd room) hit ctrl e to drag c around or whatever edit mode is on your machine.. http://www.geocities.ws/billy_stiltner/music/pd/burningship.zip oh yeah the most recent is fractalmusic.pd except i have one that works with udp and a javascript fractal i'm still working on zooming and switching fractals. julia is not julia yet but bshipx and bshipy are.

    oh yeah underneath start are 2 thingamjigs that send metro , the left is for everything but the far right dmachine. the right is for dmachine(unselsect the 2 yellow toggles above dmachine to turn it off all the way) u can send the 4 channels out to your hardware synths. I wouldn't mess with the dmachine at first till you get everything going, I don't like it with this stuff anyways but it's there.

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    why is it that I tried to keep my abstractions output in te right left order when they work fine outputting on any?

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    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="

    " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    hey how do i get video into pd if the video is coming over ethernet? like from a security dvr recorder? The only way I see in the dvr docs is an activex control for ie to see the video in internet explorer. I guess I need to find more info on the dvr recorder. Is there such a thing as pd for j2me like the pd for android or iphone? if not how do I use my j2me compatible phone over a usb connection as an xy controller (input from touchscreen sent to pd as x,y, pressure[velocity])? I would really like to use the touchpad as input to a pd patch on the phone that does some numbercrunching then sends midi messages to the phones midi synth or if at all possible actually using the audio dsp functions of pd on the phone.

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    I figured I would share this before it get s anymore complicated. It is not a complete drum machine sequencer yet only the pattern editing is done. I figured it would be good to share it as is so you can add your own drums, triggering, and preset saving.
    So far it has a 16 pattern memory with 4 drum channels. The pattern storage goes into 4 arrays - 1 for each drum channel. Each pattern array is 256 bytes? Should be 2 bits but hey.

    You should add a loadbang to set the initial values of pattern, BANK, and D_SELECT.
    I didn't want to clutter it up for future preset saving.

    I ought to be easy to add more pattern memory and more drum channels.

    If anyone can figure out a better - less atom way to implement the color changing of the toggles or anything else in the patch I would be glad to know.

    I 'm about frizzled over a messagebox phenomenon I ran into.

    I tried every way shape and form possible to get this to work.

    When reading the memory and repainting the sequence edit display after a pattern or drum select.

    [r onoff]
    | [r nametosendto]
    | |
    | | [r color]
    | | |
    [pack f s f]
    [$2 $3; (
    [$2 color $1 $1 $1;(

    That is one messagebox.
    A loop cycled through the toggles and that message tried to paint them and set their value but it would only do one depending on which order I changed it to.

    If the colors worked then when I would switch to a new pattern the toggles would change color but not their state of 0 or 1. Some toggles would have to be clicked 2wice to change state.

    I managed to get it working by sending 2 separate messages to a send.
    Why doesn't the multi line message work?


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    I'm using phasor for an index to a tabread~ to play a sample.
    I'm also using line~ as an envelope to control audio output.

    The timing for the envelope is set by the size of the sample size and samplerate~ as well as the frequency for the phasor~.

    The magnitude of the phasor is adjusted to the sample size.

    The sample player can be re-triggered and when this happens a line~ is set to go to 0 in 5ms,
    a delay is set for 5ms,
    then bangs another line~ to go to velocity in 0,
    as well as setting phasor~ frequency to 1/t and phase to zero.

    At which time another delay is setup at samplelength in ms.

    After the sample is played the phasor~ frequency is set to 0 then
    another line~ to 0 in 5ms is sent to the [*~] .

    This causes a glitch when the sample is retriggered because the phasor~ is reset to zero and starts replaying the sample.

    This glitch can not be heard when the sample is not re-triggered so maybe it's a control vs signal timing issue.

    I did hear the glitch at the end of the sample re-triggered or not using vline~.

    So my question is how do you do audio rate envelope triggering of envelopes ? I would post the patch but it is a mess. A good answer or pointer to some reference material would be greatly appreciated. I haven't quite wrapped my head around the sample and hold sampler examples yet.

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    Hey there is a program called WIDI http://www.widisoft.com that does a really awesome job at converting guitar to midi and it does it polyphonically. I know this could be done directly inside of PD just as well. Does anyone know where to find some tutorials on doing this with PD? I've played around with SMECK without the 6 separate pickups. Is there a way to make SMECK work with just one pickup? I haven't really looked at the pitch recognition part of SMECK which I ought to do.

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  • billystiltner

    the whole thing is 32 minutes.

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  • billystiltner


    Once again I'm back on vista. My brief journey to puredyne goes something like this.

    from puredyne
    partitioned new hard drive with 4 partitions 1-swap , 2 ext4 200Gib, 1 NTFS 200GB . Copied Vista to NTFS partition with gparted(started to do this with dd but with new Gibabits stuff I was skeered but hey a platter is a platter and a cluster is a cluster right). Actually there was a 5th partition in there which was the vista restoration partition but I eventually deleted it for obvious reasons.

    Removed old drive ,
    took machine to ethernet connection with internet,
    booted to vista ,
    installed Norton virus scanner - only 1 virus, 2 tracking cookies, and one gain trickler after over a year with no virus scanner, Thats pretty good and shows you can be selective about what you download and where you visit on the web and not get any viruses.

    Was trying to get windows movie maker to work with mov codec which it doesnt.
    Installed auto updates for the first and only time. this took about 3 hours and still needed to install service pack 1, 2. Aborted trying to update win movie maker

    ****Problem 1***** MS movie maker does not work with GEM mov video output codec.

    Installed latest Nvidia drivers for vista.
    Woohooo OpenGl hardware acceleration GEM works so much better in vista now.

    *****Problem 2********ASIO for all does not allow 2 applications to run with audio and midi at the same time. If I wanted to run Widi and play my guitar so puredata can receive midi input from guitar ASIO will not allow it but ASIO for all is the only way I can get latency down so this would be feasible.

    Got frustrated.

    Installed fresh copy of puredyne onto 2nd ext4 partition.
    ran puredata audio latency good with fresh install. gem video bad.

    used synaptics to install nvidia drivers. v185 I think.
    ran GEm error no opengl config.

    downloaded gdeb , flash player, google chrome, nvidia drivers from nvidia site.
    installed gdeb from terminal, flash and chrome from gdeb.
    rebooted to log in as root and iunstalled nvidia drivers.

    woohoo hardware acceleration for opengl

    ******problem 3************
    gem works great but audio glitches with puredata window visible.
    when only gem window is visible i can unaudioglitchily move the mouse around to control same parameters that would normaly be controled with sliders in pd window.

    Seems like before i upgraded nvidia video drivers hw:do o whatever it is, was listed in JackD as realtek HD Audio, now it is listed as NVIDIA HD Audio.

    So Gem works great but not when Pd window is open and I think my audio drivers were replaced with Nvidia.

    I would really like to get back to my patch and stop wasting time on these operating systems and hardware configurations I thought in the last 15 years all this hardware acelleration and autodetection would be figured out but no all we got is rc.0, rc.01, rc.02, rc, etc...... instead of just rc.d.

    Ok I'm getting an error when I exit puredyne that says pid file not found is jackd running. anyone know what that means?

    Also does anyone have a keymap for gem keyboard for linux, windows and mac so I don't have to record them.

    Any suggestions about what to do about my ASIO problems in windows?
    Any suggestions about my audio driver in Linux?
    Any suggestions about my GEM mov video / windows incompatibilities?

    I can import the mov video and audio to SF Acid 3.0 and output a 2Gb avi then import it into windows movie maker but this is crazy to do for a 7 minute 12fps 320x240 video.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

    PS I believe someone could rewrite puredata's audio and video interface in assembly language to control their hardware before figuring out how to get these operating systems to do it.

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    In puredyne 9.11 with synaptics package manager I tried to install rosegarden from UBuntu 8.4 DVD. This wanted to uninstall jackd, ardour, and a bunch of other stuff plus upgrade a bunch of stuff that didnt need upgrading. The last time I tried to install something with synaptics package manager I was left with an unbootable system. I have no internet connection with puredyne so I have to install from a cd or from another partition. How do I install Rosegarden? I would like to use it with PD for midi. But maybe not qlist is doing a pretty good job of recording and playing back my performance. Not having rosegarden will force me to make a sequence editor in gem or the pd data structures maybe.

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