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    @cuinjune Thats Lua image looks great, I think in general may be very powerful and useful for complex stuff. I LOVE Lua in general, I used it alot in CODEA IDE for iOS, and it a very powerful and easy to learn language, and from what I understand extremely fast compared to most scripting languages.

    Is there somewhere I could try out this Lua-of scripting firsthand? I noticed my download of Purr-Data loads a Lua external on boot, but I assume yours is different, and based on the openframeworks Lua, is that right? I tried out the openFrameworks Lua examples last night and they show some promise. Also I think this rather awesome GAmuza OF IDE uses ofxLua.

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    @60htz what is stretch?

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    I realize this is a year old post but my guess is something to do with the "Serving HTTP on" and in your localhost you are getting messages on "" but I am no expert in HTTP, just a thought on where to look as I am also checking out WebPD a bit.

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