I was just bumbling around in some old "Art Stuff" bookmarks and came upon tree.js.

Saw one "webgl_camera_cinematic.html" example and knew I had to wrap it up in good ole' fashion WebPD.


1-unzip in your WebServer folder or where ever you are hosting from
2-start your server and point it to the "3dsynth/index.html"
3-Click "Start" at the top of the window
4-Mouse over the various cubes, they will highlight and play a note (using one of the webpd example synth patches).

Each cube will play a different note (random, tho order could be had if one were to structure the way tree.js outputs its cubes) .

Have fun.

Ciao for now.

Happy PD-ing.

p.s. Have been having trouble with sound on Firefox so not sure if it works there (or others), but it definitely works in Chrome.