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    @whale-av huh, I did get kinda confused when installing the plugin. When I searched for cyclone A loading bar came up but it never goes away even though it was filed completely. I just restarted pd after the loading bar completed and IDK if I somehow interrupted the installation, I tried leaving cyclone installing overnight and the loading bar never went away. Strange. IMO pd is clunky enough to scare new users away like myself. I have tried to get into pd years ago but the documentation and the interface didn't click for me.

    Anyways I'm on windows 10, pure data 0.51.3 64 bit. I'll try on a 32 bit windows install and see what happens in a moment...

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    @whale-av huhh I installed cyclone and it works fine except for the help files. When I right click on a cyclone object and select "help" I get an error msg like this:

    Tcl) INVALID COMMAND NAME: invalid command name ".x7084a0.c"
        while executing
    ".x7084a0.c delete bg3233770"
        ("uplevel" body line 180)
        invoked from within
    "uplevel #0 $docmds"

    I installed by using the find externals function, then added cyclone to load on startup. Am I missing some step to fully install it?

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    @whale-av Thanks! Did not know cyclone had such useful objects! looking at the object list right now.

    Anyways, is this in "good style"? meaning Is it ok if I relay on externals or should I look into implanting sustain in vanilla? I'm asking because as a new user I don't know how problematic it can be to heavily use external libraries. For example I am very interested in using mobmuplat and Camomile in the future to make my own instruments and vst's, but I'm not sure if they support external libraries.

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    Hello 👋

    I am a beginner with pure data, so far I have watched a few videos on YouTube where msp taught pd back in the day and I am getting comfortable enough with my pd knowledge to start a project! And then the dunning kruger effect started taking place hehe

    So I play the piano, so naturally I decided to make a synth of sorts. Basically I want to play my midi keyboard and get some crazy sounds. Got a basic synth working and got polyphony working and I hoped the sustain pedal would work out of the box. I made a post on Reddit asking how to get the sustain pedal working but the sub looks somewhat silent so I came here to ask as well.

    Here's a picture of my patch:


    Thanks in advance! and hopefully I can get into pd and the community because it looks like a cool place with cool people :)

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