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    @ddw_music Thank you so much!! this worked great, and I think I understand what it's doing.

    I made this abstraction for it since i also need to filter by channel and it's working great :)

    Screenshot 2022-07-02 at 16.15.27.png

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  • 100shreks

    Hi ! I'm very new to pd and have a simple question about getting / parsing midi input from a device.

    I have a DJ controller type device with rotary knobs and faders that I would like to control things in pd with, but looking at the midi messages, it seems like the device doesn't send just one message per control, but instead sends 2 messages every time, one with a coarse value (which is consistent with the knob movement) and one with a fine value, which i can't really make sense of.

    Screenshot 2022-07-02 at 02.35.27.png

    I came across this post https://cycling74.com/forums/high-resolution-midi-or-osc-controllers
    and now assume that the controller is doing that "Pitch Bend Change" thing in order to broadcast a higher resolution value via midi.

    So my question is now how to parse this midi control input into a normal value i can use in pd, is there a patch or library i can use to do this? I'm very new to pd so I don't really understand how these things work yet.
    Playing with the inputs from the controller in pd, I am able to isolate only the coarse messages by ignoring every second message using a toggle and a spigot, which does provide a value that roughly represents the state of a control knob, but ideally i would like to get the actual precise position correctly parsed out of the two messages.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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