Pure Data is such a wonderful tool.
I am not a musician, so some of the terms in this patch will be incorrect. I threw it together this evening because it will make my life easier......
I have a group of classical musicians that often play to click, and they play a piece over six minutes long with an accumulative loop. Using Fruity Loop Studio I had to count my way through the piece whilst mixing......so as to kill the loop and the click as the piece ended....... a bit painful. That could probably be automated in FL, but I know Pd better.
The click runs for the number of patterns required, and the looped playback stops automatically. There is a different first beat for the last pattern in case the musicians get lost.
The bpm, count-in bars, beats per bar, bars per pattern, and the number of patterns can be set, and if the patch is then saved their values will be saved as well........
For each of the parameters in the box type the number you wish and press enter.
It's not very pretty, and you will need headphones, or an earpiece to use it unless you mute the click and count along with the metronome visual, but it works.........