bang until PdParty

Howdy all,

I’m pleased to announce that the PdParty BETA has started!

Run your Pure Data patches on iOS with native GUIs emulated. Inspired by Chris McCormick's Android PdDroidParty and the (now defunct) original RjDj app.

After almost two months of work, there have been quite a number of improvements and I feel the app is now close to version 1.0 status.

I just need your help to find bugs, suggest improvements, and create demo scenes.

How this works

  1. DM me your name & email*

  2. I add you to the tester list

  3. You should receive a notification email

  4. Download the free TestFlight app form the App Store

  5. Open TestFlight and install the latest PdParty build

*Those of you who participated in the alpha testing should already have received an email.


PdParty User Guide

PdParty Composer Pack

Happy Patching!