For anyone in Toronto (or able to make the trip here), the 6th Annual Sound Travels Intensive is coming up on August 19th, 2014. There is an introductory track on Max baked into the session, but expands further with other areas like Arduino and Field Recording. Unfortunately I don't know if there is anything Pure Data specific, but there's a good chance that some fellow participants use it (like myself).

"The Sound Travels Intensive is an opportunity for artists from across Canada and around the world to create and present new work in Toronto, exchange ideas with others, and hone electroacoustic skills with the guidance of a diverse group of instructors including world renowned artists Pauline Oliveros, Emilie LeBel, Darren Copeland, Ian Jarvis and Hector Centeno. Five intense days of workshop sessions, private instruction and creative activity culminate in a public concert presentation at Toronto’s Artscape Wychwood Barns."