Hey. I'm working through Andy Farnell's book, Designing Sounds. A formula in one of the granular synth patches has me stumped - it's using a formula (2^(n/120)-speed) / "chunk size" (which I think is grain size?) to compute grain length. I get that tempo & pitch are related, and grain sizes are inversely proportional to the speed. But I don't understand 1) why his formula for pitch uses 2^(n/120)...I figured it would be cents, but cents is n/1200...maybe he was just setting max variation for the pitch at one semitone? 2) Don't understand why it is "pitch - speed" in the formula. 3) In the patch the chunk-size is scaled by 1/1000th...my guess is to give finer control for grain size, but correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!