i have one wav-File in an array which i read with 16 [tabread4~]
at different speed for 16 different pitches of the sound.

i could have one or up to 16 "pitchplayer" run simultaneously,
how can i control the gain?

i'm trying this:
before a tabread4~ starts it increases a number, when its's finished
(a delay with the delaytime=time of the [line] which feeds tabread4~)
it decreases the number
the overall output (before dac~) is divided by this number

this is not working good, the sound "crackles" when the number decreases

how is this, i think basic task, done?
how can i achieve a constant gain? (without dividing the output by 16 statically, which results in low gain when playing only 1 or few pitches at the same time)