Long time lurker, first time poster!

First of all; a big thank you to everyone at this forum who have provided great information, which has helped me tremendously in learning pd and being able to create what I feel like!

Now to the topic:

I've been using music software on various game consoles for many years and have always missed the very direct and quick control you have with programs like nanoloop and lsdj to name the most commonly known. This is something I've missed when working with more 'modern' stuff. I've been wanting to make this type of efficient sequencer for computers quite a while, and I finally decided to just do it about a week ago.

(the pic is clearer in the link below)

It's MIDI only, and is currently made with the Nord Drum 2 synthesizer in mind - that's where the little editor comes in to play. All of these blocks are canvas objects... There's over 400 in there. It's running in a single window.

Here's a link to my page: http://0c0.se/?p=213

Just thought I should share this. I'm going to refine it a bit for more general use and upload the source soon.

I made this foremost for myself to use in live performances, I wanted a tool which I could quickly get some music going from scratch and so on. Kind of like live programming but with a sequencer.