Good day everybody;

I am currently doing a degree in Digital Music & Sound Art and I've my dissertation coming up in which I am starting to prepare and gather my resources now.

The area I am choosing to look at is audiovisual installations and I'd like to ask the PD community for a little assistance please.

Much of the work I have looked at in this "Audiovisual" field so far is primarily focused on visual art with accompanying music acting as a secondary which isn't really relevant to what I'm currently doing. I'm curious if anyone here has been involved in projects which utilizes the synchronization or merge of audio and visual into a unified piece?

I'd like to include the use of Pure Data and/or Vvvv in my work, so pieces made with these programs would be ideal; however not limited to.

I'd be really interested in seeing work created which I could reference in my essay.
Alternatively; if anyone here has any papers written on this subject (or know any papers relevant to this subject) that I could look at and reference in my work I'd really appreciate being directed to it :)

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated and of course all works would be properly credited and cited in my papers.

Thanks folks :)