Hi, a friend approached me and asked about this thing we've been trying to build together, which is: 5 note polyphonic .mid reading using PD - the purpose is to bang a midi-file and read the velocity + note -data to tables and then play through these 5 tables of velocity and 5 tables of note-data to emerge with notes.

effectively what we're trying to accomplish is that another person creates melodies, sends us a midifile, and we then convert it to tables, save those table contents and use them to control pd-scripted vanilla synths.

he had the idea to use a metronome to create a space (i.e., there'd be 0's everytime there's no note/velocity there in the table), that's the way we thought to do it so that a midifile's silences would actually make some sense.

But we're finding that there's desyncs going on, i.e., let's say the first "step" of a midifile has 5 notes. the notes are read perfectly. all of the notes are at velocity 127. when i do a tabdump of tables 1-5, the first number in the table is definitely the correct for each note. but for velo1-5, the tables 5 and 4 have the first "row"/table-entry be a velocity, but for tables 3 and 2 there are 3 "rows"/table-entries of empty until the velocity is read/shown.

We're a bit confused here.. any ideas?