(posting in this section since answers to posts in "technical" are not forthcoming)

I recently attempted to "update" from 0.42.5 to 0.43.4. and encountered many problems. Apart from being able to resolve most (not all) of the object library issues in 0.43.4, I couldn't get the new version to pick up my camera correctly no matter what I did to it. Never had these issues in 0.42.5. Now, since completely removing 0.43.4, including deleting all .plist preference files/folders etc., the live video feed in 0.42.5 to GEM is extremely slow. I have tried to adjust fps settings and also [dimen], but to no avail - the feed seems to be globally set to a very slow frame-rate. The camera feed is normal 30 fps in any other live video application on the computer. The problem is ONLY occurring in PD/GEM.

Please if anyone has any idea how to resolve this, would be highly appreciated.

MAC Os 10.8.4
Attached is what displays in console on live video render