Hello all;

I've been having some issues with audio again >_<

I'm trying to move my live set away from Cubase and rebuild it in PD.
I've 5 stems per track which seemed to be playing fine up until now. For some reason when I play it now there's an awful lot of distortion and crackle coming from the high end. It doesn't seem like it's on any particular stem (Kick, Bass, Perc, FX, Misc).
I know there's 5 audio tracks playing, but Cubase and Ableton have both handled it no problem on my computer and when I look at the performance it's not operating above 20% and the external sound card I'm using is definitely compatible with PD.

I don't know if it's related but in the main panel I keep getting "resyncing audio" message lots; as well as a couple of "separate audio device choice not supported\; using sequential devices." messages too.

This was all working fine the other day.

Any ideas?