I have input codes to load 2 mp4 videos. They alone did crossfade. Apparently, [pix_mix] emits a gemlist. The video camera also is supposed to issue a gemlist.

However when I add the onboard camera, (when it did work) the fade does not operate on it, as it stays at full opacity, and the previously crossfaded images are behind it, or and worse, on some occaisions it just does not work at all, after doing so to start with during the project.

Basically, what I'm trying to achieve is to firstly crossfade the vid1 and vid2, then to take that output from [pix_mix] and to mix it with the camera video, via a 2nd [pix_mix], so I have 3 images being crossfaded.

The camera video is not behaving as intended. Hot and cold restarts have been tried. Also checking back on video01 in Gem, which is where the code for webcam was got, the camera in that is still working ok. I've had other strange phenomena appearing without making changes to the code, like a white sphere appearing over the camera image when it was happening, and also, sometimes, just a white screen instead.

Any ideas? Should I drop the webcam as it is so uncooperative and volatile?