I'm using the TUIO dispatcher help patch to fix this bug because despite thinking i'd fixed my "could not bind to usd port 3333" problem I actually haven't. Pd keeps crashing even when I'm only using TUIO dispatcher help patch to receive and print TUIO messages from Community Core Vision. After it crashes I re-open Pd and then get the "Could not bind message". I have to restart my mac to get it listening to the port again. Is this a problem with the way I've done something (i.e. file path problems) or could it be a problem with mac pro or specifically OS X 10.8.2????????

Never had this problem when performing same task on my old pc and thats a heap so I don't know what gives. Is there anyone on here rocking a pro and the latest OS X? If so just a reassurance that it works for you would be helpful since then I can stop blaming the mac and get to the heart of the matter.

I'm super cereal you guys, this is for my final degree project and I'm pretty desperate for some help. I'm pretty new to all this so please excuse any inadvertent ignorance or nubery that I might be displaying.