I have the following list in [coll] --

1, open /Users/gh_home/Desktop/glass_morph/bow2bs.mov;
2, open /Users/gh_home/Desktop/glass_morph/bs2bud.mov;
3, open /Users/gh_home/Desktop/glass_morph/bud2bv.mov;
4, open /Users/gh_home/Desktop/glass_morph/bv2gla.mov;
5, open /Users/gh_home/Desktop/glass_morph/dis2bow.mov;
6, open /Users/gh_home/Desktop/glass_morph/gla2dis.mov;

I can use [random 6] and at the end of file trigger a random movie loads. You'll notice the movies have symbol-int-symbol in their titles. I'm trying to match the symbols after the integer with the symbol before the integer to load a random series of seamless movies. how do I sort and match before and after the integer on a coll list?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...