I'm building a simple sampler patch for my monome where I load in sounds to specified buttons and press them to play the sound. Thus I can make beats and start my hiphop/glitch group I've dreamt about. Anyway, I'd like to add a feature like in the the application, loopy, where you can loop your button presses. I want it to be like a looping station you'd use for a guitar for example, where you press a button once to start recording the loop and when you press it again, it ends the recording and starts playing the loop. Then there would be a feature like double-pressing the button to kill the loop. I'm using the osc setup composed by Matthew Rizzuto and David Brynjar Franzson and monomeserial to connect my monome to pd.

This is also something that can be achieved by running my computer through a looping station, but if this can be achieved without too much glitchiness, it would be nice to do it internally and also just cool knowledge to have for future projects. Thank you for any help.

Austin PG