Hi there,

I have a very basic question about netsend /netreceive (as it does not not work on my test-setting).

The aim: I'm working on an installation with 28 mono speakers, connected to computers. On bang, they have to start playing pre-recorded audiofiles.
The idea is to use [netsend Host_IP PortNumber] at my hostcomputer and [netreceive PortNumber 1] at all clients.
As long as Host and Client 1 are on the same machine, it's all fine.

The problem:
In my test-network with two computers (it works for several months: two mac osx, pd extended, already connected via lan-gigabit-switch, sharing same subnetmask and static ip-adresses) Client 2 (not running the Host) does not react.

I tried as seen in all helpfiles [netsend PortNumber 1] (as it works for Client 1): no reaction.
I tried to define the host-ip by inserting [netsend Host_IP PortNumber 1]: error: bad arguments for message 'netreceive' to object 'objectmaker' ... couldn't create.

What is the trick to let pd connect between two computers?

Thanks in advance,