I also posted this in the I/O forum, because I wasn't sure if it belonged here or there.

I am considering getting a Gakken SX150 ( http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails … Code=MKGK8 ), and want to make it into a MIDI controller. However, I do not have much money and would not like to spend money on hardware mods. I came across this program ( http://cmpercussion.blogspot.com/2008/0 … in-pd.html ) for use with Theremins, when I was researching Theremins, and was wondering if it could be used with a Gakken SX150. Would I need to keep it on a clean tone? If I needed to modify this program, how extensively and how much knowledge of pd would I need? And finally, would it still work if I decided to add a ribbon controller to the Gakken, like this http://www.coagula.org/content/pages/ga … r-tutorial ?