Hey all,

I've been working for the past three months on this one-to-one exclusive headphone Performance called "Performance for One" (silly name, I know).

The idea is that I create a somehow comfortable/cozy space where a person can come, sit and enjoy an exclusive musical performance. Only the performer (myself) and the current listener are able to experience this piece of music, created and performed on the fly, therefore turning that moment unique.

I've done this Performance twice at the same place, one in February and the other two days ago and got pretty nice feedback, specially due to the exclusive intimate situation this performance creates. The two days were completely different from each other regarding the sonic outcome (I've used two completely different patches).

I've recorded a few sets when performing all alone (so I kept the exclusivity that each listener had), and I thought I'd share two that I really liked.

100% Pd, 100% live improvisation, no edits or whatsoever. Samples are from my own recordings from the rehearsals for Theater Bremen's rendition of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" (This Performance is part of a bigger project about this particular Opera).